Revolutionizing Electric Rideable’s!

"Our mission to revolutionize electric rideable's comes from a conscious understanding of the need to simplify. We believe in creating minimalistic innovative solutions, collaborating with top designers and engineers, while contributing to the healing of our planet."

This year Kiwano is on its way to becoming a global leader in Premium Electric Rideable’s.

We have prioritized quality by opening our own manufacturing facilities, no longer depending on external values or timelines! We have a team made up of the coolest and most experienced design manufacturing nerds! with a keen appreciation for world class design. 

Our multi-cultural engineers from the UK, USA, and Asia, collaborate on bringing the latest technology to the forefront of our products. 

Understanding new innovation and technology is absolutely key to our success. With our own manufacturing facilities and marketing offices in USA, Europe, and Asia we have full control when launching our planet-friendly solutions both online and offline.

Our vision is rooted in our company values: 

  • Compassionate Integrity 
  • Exceptional Quality and Design 
  • Giving Back to Mother Earth

Constructed of only the highest quality materials and award winning designs, we focus on gradually and consistently replacing each material with more environmentally friendly options.

All our products come with a warranty, maintenance support, and a return policy. With an excellent range of products evolving in our vision boards and offices, we look forward to expanding our Kiwano line for gifts and solutions for all ages!

Our customers come first we believe in listening and learning. Our website features an easy to access yet extensive support center, live chat communication available 24 hours/day with our dedicated customer service representatives. Hang out with us, we love hearing your thoughts and are always happy to help!

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Clean Energy. Clean Mind. Kiwano.